Sunday Mom Day

Hey y’all! ‘

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! However the biggest happy Mother’s Day goes to the most wonderful and beautiful one of them all! Thank you for all your unconditional love, care and support, love you mom!


Today is a good day, I spent it with my extraordinary mom who my dad and I took to dinner (which I just got home from). I am stuffed! Though, I am still going to get some green tea ice cream as a palate pleaser-how can I not? It’s my favorite!

The only crappy part of today was when I had to do English assignments…in fact, last night as well. It was so drab, my poor brain was crying for something stimulating or at least less tedious…but anyways  back to mother’s day!

The things I did to celebrate mother’s day over the years: taking mom to brunch, taking mom to dinner, buying a giant bouquet of flowers and cooking a dinner, buying mom Swarovski crystal earnings. I also tend to bake a lot for Mother’s Day…last year I made a raspberry mousse cheese cake. The cake came about by accident, I didn’t mean to make a mousse but some stuff went a bit wonky and it it turned out pretty delicious, my mom asked me to write down exactly how I did it so I wouldn’t forget and could replicate it haha. The shortage of currency made it difficult to do more creative things this year…which meant no big flower bouquets and no Swarovski…but we still had a lovely dinner and great family time!

Monday is coming up tomorrow…this week is going to be awful weather…all rain and cold. I have a psych exam on Wednesday so tomorrow and the day after will be dedicated to mathematics and psychology. Woop-dee-woop! Speaking of school work, you know where I would really like to go on vacation? Hawaii!! It has been my dream destination for a get-away for years, and I went everywhere else but there! For some reason things just worked out that way haha, I am hoping my next trip will be Hawaii…the coconut mojitos, sitting with my ass in the sand sipping a cool drink and soaking up the sunshine, then going for a swim in the glistening warm water. Sigh…I might never want to leave.

To leave on a yummy note, here is a recipe for a satisfying and super scrumptious Monday breakfast idea:


2 large eggs
Cheese of your choice (I like feta)
Hash brown potatoes
Pimento peppers (finely chopped)
Italian sausage (diced into small pieces)
Caramelized onions
3 tablespoons of unsalted butter
Salt and pepper
Sundried tomatoes


1. Melt butter and brush the inside of the baking dishes (or dish, if you are making one).

2. Layer the ingredients with sausage and hash browns at the bottom: reserving the eggs and cheese for the top -the rest of the order doesn’t matter. crack the eggs onto the ingredients already in the dish and sprinkle with cheese.

3. Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for about 40 minutes. Time varies depending on the oven…but in mine, once the oven is preheated it takes about 40 minutes to cook.

I wish you all a fantastic week filled with good times and pleasant experiences. See y’all next Thursday/Friday!


Week 1: Complete

Hey y’all!

So, week one of my semester has come to an end! I have to say, it’s much less painful than expected! Now, don’t get me wrong here…I am loaded with homework and responsibilities (one of my classes has 6 exams during the semester), however, it’s great!

I have 3 classes this semester and all of my professors are pretty good…except there is one professor in particular who is amazing; I think he is such a great person and a phenomenal teacher-he really wants to see you succeed, in fact, I would say he is my favorite professor since I started college. His daughter is in medical school, actually, and he gave me some pointers and tips on getting accepted as well as some good insight on what to expect. I have a lot of work to do and my grades have to be impeccable, but the reward is totally worth the effort!

Now, I started a schedule and so far have been good at keeping to it! I have modified it a bit to adjust to some days and times to better fit my needs and learning pace. I realized I like to do the homework after each class (as soon as possible on the day it was assigned) because that way I really cement the new material in my head; it works with your long-term memory (it also lessens the chance of you forgetting to do the assignment) because if you only cram for exams while doing minimal work during your semester that works with your short-term memory…then you forget everything you crammed for 2 days after the exam, you also will probably do poorly on the exams and future courses since you won’t remember much. So…basically: review notes after each class and do homework/study the day it was assigned to do better in your course & retain the knowledge for future related classes.

My classmates are decent, I haven’t met any cute guys yet though haha! Joking, my main focus is the work, not the guys. In fact, my first exam is on next Wednesday (the 15th) and my first (short) paper is due on Tuesday, several pages of math to do and a good amount of reading. It’s also mother’s day this Sunday and I promised to spend Saturday, so it’ll be quite the busy weekend!

All in all this week has been good, I can kind of see how the courses are, I can see the teaching style of my professors and I can also tell how heavy the work load is. Time to buckle down and work hard!

To perk up my mood after school I dig into green tea ice cream (moderate amounts, though sometimes I get carried away hehe) ! My best friend was kind and generous enough to give me a carton of it!

If y’all need a pick-me-up, here’s a recipe for a little somethin’ somethin’! This recipe is also perfect for mother’s day!

Strawberries and Cream Angel Food Cake: 

1 cup cake flour (spooned and leveled)
1/4 teaspoon salt
12 large egg whites, room temperature
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 1/4 cups sugar
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
Strawberries and fresh whipped cream, for serving
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place flour and salt in a sieve set over a bowl; sift into bowl and set aside. With a mixer, beat egg whites on medium-high until foamy, about 1 minute. Add cream of tartar; beat until soft peaks form. Continue to beat, gradually adding sugar; beat until stiff peaks form, about 2 minutes. Add vanilla; beat to combine.

Gently transfer egg-white mixture to a large, wide bowl. In four batches, using the sieve again, sift flour mixture over egg-white mixture. While turning the bowl, use a rubber spatula to fold in the mixture by cutting down the center and coming up the sides. Gently spoon batter into an ungreased bundt cake pan; smooth top. Gently tap the pan on your counter to release air bubbles.

Bake until cake is golden and springs back when lightly pressed, 35 to 40 minutes. Invert pan; let cool in pan, 1 hour. Run a knife around the inside of the pan and around the tube to release cake. Use knife to release cake from bottom of pan, and remove  onto a serving plate.

Slice and top each slice with whipped cream and a few sliced strawberries. Simple, delicious, and oh so satisfying.

*Recipe taken from Martha Stewart 

Enjoy the weekend y’all! I’m off to hang out with my family and have some tea! I’ll be back during the weekend with another post, so check back soon!

Sunny Saturday

Hey y’all!

I just enjoyed a very sunny, very warm and very awesome day! I went down to the high-end/posh area of my city and walked along the sea wall then sat and people watched with my best friend. It’s one of my favorite places to go to during the summer. I got a carrot-apple juice at a fresh juice bar by the area, saw some terribly spoiled rich people, saw some adorable dogs. Yep, pretty great day I’d say! Followed by a dinner at place called Memphis Blues, it’s a classic soul food and BBQ place… I ate so much I hate myself (a giant catfit po’boy, side of re-fried beans) and for dessert, some eye candy: two adorable guys standing right next to my table talking…fan-fucking-tastic! Haha.

Now it’s evening and I am going to be preparing for Monday. Organizing my backpack, charging my iPad, looking over the schedule for the week. I am thoroughly nervous now…I think I am ready but I am also incredibly anxious and nervous for what’s to come this semester. I need the grades and since I am starting fresh at a new school and a new field of study I also need a new approach to studying and success which I have have mapped out for myself but is that enough? Is it correct? This is like getting cold feet at a wedding…you know you want to go through with it and this is your dream but you’re also absolutely terrified of the what-if’s and percentage of failures and the amount of freedom you’re going to be giving up. Even though in the end it’s worth it and it makes you happiest. So it’s go time!

But to mend the anxiety I stuff myself with food and good company this weekend. This is my weekend to say goodbye to abundant free time, no-stress, and unlimited amounts of sleep. So, time to get these boots off, stop walking and start studying!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful week! I will be getting in touch with y’all later this week…probably Thursday/Friday. I am going to be cutting down posts from daily to weekly to account for studying and my new busy schedule.


Prep for My Semester

Hey y’all!

Summer semester is right around the corner and I am beginning my my prep! There’s a little somethin’ scary about entering into a program where you can’t screw up (not even a B-), but if it get’s me where I’m heading then I will put in my all and hope it all turns up honky dory.

I have already done 3 years of a psychology program when I decided to enter into a pre-medical program. Great, right? Well…yes, it is-except I have to start from scratch, upgrading everything and taking new subjects along with that. Whoo-ee! This will be one crazy summer! I still got to get my bonfires and summer night drives in there too!

Now, I know there are a lot of people out there who like to live day by day and take things as they come-if that works for you then I applaud you because it really isn’t an easy thing to do. For me, personally, I like to plan a head. I like structure and a rigid regime that keeps me organized and on track, otherwise I’ll be sippin’ my tea and reading books in the park all day long soaking up the sunshine. That’s not to say that I don’t like to have a good time, because I honestly am someone who does love spontaneous ideas…just not while I am trying to get into med school. Breaks….on the other hand are a different story!

Okay, getting on with it! This is how I prep for difficult semesters and large course loads:

The first and most crucial is your self-organization:

  • Sit down and think about the semester. Look at your class schedule and identify your weakest subjects (if you don’t already know them). When you’ve done so, write them out on a piece of paper, starting with your weakest class. Under each class write out why you struggle with it, this may take some time to figure out so, do it throughout the first week before classes begin. Why this step is super helpful is because once you understand why you don’t like a class or aren’t very good with the subject, you will know how to approach it. And no, “I’m just not good at it” or “I don’t like it because it sucks” is not a reason.
  • Create a schedule. I know this seems really odd because it’s so far in advance but trust me on this! Invest in a calendar/agenda/use your cellphone….frankly anything that has a calendar which can be pulled out and checked on the spot when needed. Start by writing in your class times and blocking out the duration of the class, follow by adding in your ideal sleep schedule (I suggest an early to bed early to rise routine, no matter if you have classes in the morning or not. It’s just a simple way to keep yourself on a stable sleeping pattern). Then, as silly as this may seem, block out times for everything…and that includes meal times, showers, & work-out routines; after you’ve done that, add in times you will dedicate each day to studying. Lastly do not forget to schedule in free time daily-even just an hour, everyone needs a breather. A rule of thumb to ease your studying and make it more efficient is to study in 50 minute intervals, take a 10 minute break every 50 minutes (or when you begin to notice your thoughts drifting off) during your sessions to help things stick and to manage stress, but absolutely no cellphones or social media of any kind during class/study hours, that is the cause of all evil when it comes to school.  *Just a note: these times will change throughout the semester for the first couple week until you get into a groove and that’s okay, adjust the schedule to fit you and then stick to it. It should become auto-pilot in a few weeks*.
  • Start following the sleep pattern that you scheduled into your semester schedule. This will make it a million times easier when the semester starts, otherwise you will lay around wide-eyed like a hoot owl till wee hours and then end up sleeping only 3-4 hours a night which will cause you unneeded stress and sleep deprivation.

Stack of Documents

Park two:

  • Go to your school and check out the campus (if you are new-if not then just check where your classes will be held). Meet the staff, talk to the professors, scope out the library…get acquainted with school-life and different groups you can join, if you want. Get your book list and buy the books while you are on campus. 
  • Open up each textbook and flip through it, is it as scary as you expected? Probably not! Look at the list of classes you struggle with or don’t like and check out the text book related to the class, read it and try to gain an understanding of what the class is about and what topics will be covered. You can even try a few problems by following the text book instructions if you want, it can either boost your confidence or simply give you an idea of what you’ll be learning.
  • Keep that sleep schedule going!
  • Eat well, get out in the fresh air, exercise. Having a healthy body is really important when it comes to school and I am not just saying that to get you to eat some carrots, I am serious. Eating well helps your body function and the more nutrients it gets, giving your brain the juice it needs to keep up with your coursework (and I don’t mean start a diet, I mean that you should eat home-cooked food that’s made from fresh ingredients). Fresh air is good, taking a walk daily relaxes you, eases your mind and invigorates your body as well as your brain. Exercise is a personal choice, but I recommend doing some form of exercise at least 2 days a week throughout your semester, it will act as stress relief and as an added bonus you will be feeling a lot more energized.
  • Take out your semester schedule and add a Sunday routine to it. This little addition is an incredible thing! You will feel in control, well organized and calm. So what you should do on every Sunday before your week (besides servin’ up some fried chicken for dinner) is adopt the habit of having big hearty brunch (gaining a few extra hours of snoozing), preferably by yourself because while you munch you should check out current events or read a book you’ve started…anything that will get your brain working yet isn’t too overwhelming. After you munch your way through the news, take out your schedule and check out what’s happening in the week ahead. Do you have due-dates coming up? Things that have been set aside and need to be caught up on? Find time in your schedule that you can use to give some attention to the subjects you have fallen behind on, assign different things to each day of the week that need to be studied/worked on. Next, conjure up all possible willpower and head to a library/other quiet place, select a subject that has been neglected a little bit or a class which has an up-coming test/due-date and start to study it, if everything is in check then pick something which is not too overwhelming. Today should only be 3 hours of study time or so, to make sure you don’t strain your week-end brain. After you have successfully completed your studying, grab some food and go for a walk in the park while listening to music, hit the gym, go swimming…anything that will essentially de-clutter your brain for the week ahead-all of this should be done alone to ensure complete brain rejuvenation. For the last of the school related stuff, write out a plan for your up-coming week with a to-do list in priority order. Now you can go and do as you wish until bed time, preferably something social to unwind.
  • Organize your room/home study area. Nothing is worse than a cluttered work space! If you think it’s organized chaos, it’s not. You need a clean space with lots of air circulation, as well as everything you need for your studies available without digging for 10 minutes through every desk compartment and book shelf. It’s important for your stress levels that you are always in control of everything when it comes to your studies; be it writing a paper and needing a reference book or practicing math and needing desk space to lay out your books as well as a bunch of utensils it should all be quick to attain.


So that is it y’all! My prep before classes begin. This may seem like a load of hooey to some of you and that’s fine. If you have a system that works for you then that’s great, good job. However this system works like a well oiled machine when you perfect it, keeps you balanced and in control and it makes your studies tame-able. Good grades and strong study habits are difficult to achieve when you don’t have the right start or practice in buckling down…but with this prep I am sure your entire semester will go by much better and less painfully than expected. So good luck to y’all and until next time!