What Really Grinds My Gears

Hey y’all!

These are the things that piss me off.

Today’s topic: The misuse of common words and/or common expressons that bother me:

Random: one of the most annoying words I hear used in the wrong way. I am guilty of misusing this word myself on rare occasions. When someone says something is random, it means that it is without direction, rule, method or aim. It does not mean unexpected or spontaneous. However most people use the word to describe something that is surprising or sudden, for example: “this random person bumped into me” or “I’m randomly having ice cream”. Both of those statements are inaccurate. The “random person” is in fact an unfamiliar person, not a random one…though maybe he does live without direction or does things without definite aim but you don’t know that because he is a stranger; and that ice cream is something you chose to eat, though it may be a spontaneous choice, it is still not random. For something to be random…it must be erm… random.

Anti-Social: Hearing this used in the wrong way is one of the most abrasive things to my ears. Especially because it is usually used to describe an introvert or a person who doesn’t like to attend large social gatherings in order to shame them into being more extroverted (“stop being so anti-social and come out with us tonight”). When in fact being “anti-social” means that someone’s behavior is inconsiderate towards others and may cause damage to the society, being hostile and apposed to the well-being of society. Which in turn means that your friend isn’t anti-social if they merely refuse to go to your party or to accompany you to an event (maybe you are just not good company haha). They are, however, anti-social if they try to bring down the local government or take part in a massive riot which causes damage to people, property and businesses.

Ironic: This one really gets my knickers in a twist. When someone is being ironic they are using a form of humor that is most likely sarcasm or satire, or they could be using dramatic irony.Irony can also be situational. Irony does not at all mean an amusing coincidence, but, it does mean an unexpected outcome contrary to the happenings which lead to the outcome; it’s an inconsistency between a sequence of events. Therefore it is not ironic that you met an awesome guy (or girl) at a party only to find out that person is actually a student at the same university as you and was born in the same town you were born in, it’s just a pleasant surprise. Nonetheless, if you were to be searching for a tall, 24 year old Med student and happened to meet your perfect match at a party in New York, later to find out he goes to the same university, lives down the hall from you in your apartment/dorm, and was born in the same town as you. That’s very ironic! Can you sense the difference? Another misuse of the word is when people say “OMG that’s so ironic” in reference to their friend’s dad getting the same car as them in the exact shade of metallic black they did. No.

Calm Down: This expression really boils my blood. This is the most un-calming thing you can say to anyone feeling distressed or angry. Unless you are purposely pulling the tiger by the whiskers, avoid saying this.

Just Saying: So, so frustrating! There are three (and only three) reasons people say this. First reason is when they don’t have much faith in what they are saying. The second reason is they feel their thought might contradict with yours and therefore to have a safe out they add “just sayin” at the end so you don’t get mad. The third reason, being the most painfully irritating, is when people are playing the devils advocate. They pick holes in your plan, idea, or whatever else and then simply slap on “just sayin” after as a defense for destroying it. Thanks, that was super helpful!

You Always: The last of this list is the common phrase “you always”. After someone says this, you probably have already stopped listening because you’ve snapped and are just sitting there stewing in your anger waiting for a chance to speak. This is never a good argument. This phrase is a good way to annoying the person you are talking to and only anger them further. It doesn’t make any points because it makes a sweeping argument without singling out anything. This is often used when someone has a weak argument in a situation and says something like “well you always leave your dirty dishes on the table”! Just a juvenile and aggravating way to talk to someone.


Okay! So there you have the first look at “what really grinds my gears”. There will be more, much more, of these little rants to come!

I am off to watch some TV and snack on something so enjoy your night!

P.s. I will be back another day this weekend with a second post! So be sure to check back and see what’s new before Monday!