Summer Globes

Hey y’all!


Now, we all know that snow globes exist. We used to play with them since we were kids, and buy them when we go on trips to remember the different places you’ve been too…etc. But how about summer globes? I am going to share with you a way to make your very own summer globes! Easy, fun, and looks awesome.

What you need:

Clear jar with flat screw-on lids.
Take apart and clean.

Choose figures/figurines and/or scenery from plastic, ceramic, glass or enameled metal items that won’t deteriorate in water.

Adhesive: Use epoxy or a polystyrene based adhesive sealant (which you can find at hardware stores) to glue figures and scenery onto dome base (lid). Use good-quality clear silicone sealant (which you can also find at hardware stores) to prevent leaks and seal the lid with the jar.

Colored/clear glitter or tiny sequins (found at craft supply stores).

Distilled water (available at grocery stores and drugstores).

Liquid soap, such as Palmolive/Softsoap.

Pure glycerin (find at drugstores).


To make:

1. Decide if you want the summer dome to  be viewed from all sides or will it have a background and foreground.

2. Play around with the placement of figures and scenery before setting it in place. Set them up on base, stopper or jar lid, then cover with dome, globe or jar. The glass will most likely magnify the objects; you may decide to change them or their placement.When you are satisfied, set in place with the adhesive; let dry.

4. Place about 2 to 5 mL (1/2 to 1 tsp) of glycerin and a very tiny drop of liquid soap in upturned globe; fill it half full with distilled water and shake to mix.

5. Pour 2 to 5 mL of glitter into mixture. Shake to mix. Finish filling globe with distilled water. Shake to mix. If you want to add more glitter, now is the time to do it.

6. Apply the silicone around inside edge of the jar lid. Screw onto jar. Assemble as follows: Holding globe or jar over dishpan, be careful and slow. Allow any excess water to escape over rim of glass. Don’t rush. If the figures and scenery are inserted in the mixture too forcefully or rapidly, the pressure may crack the glass.

*Don’t keep your summer dome in strong sunlight or expose it to extremes of hot or cold.


Sniff, sniff.

Hey y’all!


I am keeling over on my couch right now after a brisk 30 minute walk in quite warm weather carrying 5 textbooks for my new semester. I had a crap night and terrible sleep, so my energy is drained completely. On another hand… yay! It’s warm and beautiful out! If only I had my camera…but alas my friend borrowed it and now I am stuck with crappy photos…give me back my camera, George! hehe.

I have this odd obsession with a good smelling home. However, I hate those artificial smelling items like plug-ins, sprays, or candles. I prefer a thing called Scentsy. What I love about Scentsy is that they have a phenomenal selection of wonderful scents, most of which smell perfect and some of which smell edible! Before I go on listing out my favorite scents, I’ll explain what Scentsy is: a choice of wick-less decorative ceramic warmers made to melt scented wax cubes by using a small light bulb and a trey over it (it’s safe). The scented wax comes in packaged bars and you break off a cube of scent and place it in the warmer, which then slowly melts and diffuses the smell of your choice into the air. Flippin’ fantastic, lasts for a week per cube if you have a stronger scent and you get 8 cubes per bar.  The best part is that the wax and scents they use are super health conscious wax and fragrance- safe for pets and kids and do not contain or release harmful phthalates. The Scentsy wax bars don’t ever burn they simply melt and stay melted while kept on so you can keep the scent on throughout the day if you wish. So these are just some of the reasons why I love Scensty, and I also love how amazing their stuff smells and how much variety they have! Moving on, I have a lot of scents from them and 2 burners…I have 2 mid-sized burners which are nice around the house when you don’t have much space, but they have 3 different sizes: plug-in size, mid-size, and full-size.

My favorite scents (I have only tried several so far and have a large list of wants still hehe):

1. Luna: Smells so wonderful! Like a summer breeze!

2. My Dear Watson: Really sophisticated and dapper! It’s in the Scentsy Man section but it’s not very manly, just a very pleasantly elegant aroma.

3. Zeppelin: This is good enough to be a cologne for a really clean-cut guy, yet laid-back guy. Sage and vetiver and a little hint of citrus! Awesome.

4. Serene Green: Serene is the proper term for this one! So fresh and doesn’t have too much floral it’s more citrusy but not sour.

5. Hendrix: Earthy, patchouli with vanilla. When I smell it, I think of a bonfire and some good friends.

6. Apple Press: Smells like apples, surprise! But not fresh apples, more like hot apple cider. Smells like autumn days.

7. Ace: Smells like a hot guy, just out of the shower, haha yes, really you’ll see what I mean! It’s spicy, warm and seductive. It’s not over powering at all, it’s a lighter scent.

8. Just Breathe: This smells reaaaally crisp. Like a walk through a forest after the rain or being surrounded by eucalyptus and mayor lemons.

9. Clean Breeze: Smells like fresh, clean laundry. I usually plug this in on days I do housework, it keeps the clean-house theme well haha.

10. Tingelo: Welcome to your tropical vacation…err well kind of! This scent smells fruity and sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet. Very delightful!


Scents I want to try soon:

1. Posy Peach

2. Honeymoon Hideaway

3. Simply Irresistible

4.Skinny Dippin’

5. French Lavender

6. Zephyr

7.  Beach

8. Jet, Set, Go!

9. Yuzu Dragon

10. Enliven


Well there y’all have it! My collection of favorites and wants! I mean with the prices they have it’s very affordable stuff! The warmers and scents are budget friendly and make amazing gifts, even my guy friends love their stuff…honest to jebus! Not to mention they have a bunch of other products they call it Scentsy Layers: dryer sheets, hand sanitizer, shower gel, body butters…and lots more random things like car scent packs! 🙂

DIY Decor

Hey y’all!

Summer is right around the corner and we all want a summer ready home. Changing up the interior of your home can be costly and since we can’t afford to do that kind of thing every season (at least most people can’t), what we can do is DIY projects that are simple yet elegant and add fun little touches to your home. Best part is they are darn cheap to do! Enjoy these great DIY decor ideas 🙂

Glitter Candles: For any Room You Want To Spruce Up

  • 4 different size Ikea white plain candles (I find these are the cheapest and there’s virtually no difference between the more expensive ones)
  • News Paper
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Glitter (colors of choice, mine are: mint green, powder blue, and soft yellow)
  • Scotch Tape
  • Pieces of paper


  • Take a candles and wrap a piece of paper around the candles, exposing only the area you want glitter on. Secure with scotch tape around the perimeter of the paper.
  • Cover the surface you are working on with news paper. Stand the candles up on the news paper and spray the exposed candle with the adhesive spray.
  • Sprinkle on the glitter carefully over a piece of paper, try to get an even coat on the candle. If a lot of glitter falls off, just fold the paper up and pour the glitter back into it’s container.
  • Repeat for all 4 candles.
  • Let the glitter and glue dry completely before removing the tape and paper.

Mug Herb Garden: For the Kitchen

  • As many mugs as you want, it depends how many herbs you’d like to plant
  • Small stones
  • Seeds/ready-grown herbs
  • Soil (for seeds)


  • Sprinkle the base of each cup with a layer of small stones to promote draining.
  • If you are using ready-grown herbs just carefully transfer them to the mugs. And if you are using seeds: fill the mugs with soil and plant some seeds in each mug. 
  • Place on the kitchen windowsill for a cute kitchen mug garden.

Bottle Vases: For Any Room

  • Empty glass bottles
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Chalk


  • Remove labels from the bottles: I do so by filling a sink with really hot water and placing the bottles in the water, turning them over after one side has soaked for close to half an hour.
  • Take bottles out of the water and remove the labels completely, try with dish towel and set aside upside down until completely dry.
  • Once they have thoroughly dried take them outside and spray with the chalkboard paint. I suggest minimum of 2 coats and a 3rd one may be needed. Leave to dry/set.
  • Write anything you like on your new chalkboard bottle vases!

Bottle Stoppers: For The Party Nights

  • Craft glue
  • Crystals, mini figurines, anything you’d like to place on top of the stopper
  • Cork bottle stoppers (new)


  • Apply craft glue to the thicker, larger end of the cork and press on your choice of topper.
  • Leave to dry completely.
  • Spruce up your bar!

Keep It Tidy!

Hey y’all!

Part of being raised by a mom who’s a supermom, super housewife, and is well educated is you have to live up to the same. I was raised to be as good ’round the kitchen as Julia Child and as swift ’round the home as Mrs. Beeton.

A girl must always have perfect manners, keep herself put-together and be presentable at all times, be level headed, smile, respect your elders and have a tidy home. Well…let me tell y’all that is quite a lot to live up to! Times change, that’s a given, but y’all it’s not hard to be a lady or a gentleman, for that matter, and keep your house lookin’ good. Not having enough time in a day to do what our parents used to do and be a good person while you’re at is a misconception.

“If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas.”

I’m gonna provide y’all with a list of essential items to help keep that house of yours all tidy and ready for visitors! Cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge tedious deal; trick is to maintain the house bit by bit every day then you won’t have any piles of dishes in the sink, dust on the family portraits, and pet fur all over the carpet. I know y’all must be thinkin’ I’m just givin’ you a hard time, but sometimes tough love can be good for you 😉


The Essentials List of Cleaning Tools :

CLOTHS (wet work)

  • Microfiber: I swear by these cloths. They pick up dust, and if you wet this cloth it will clean grease and grime and not to mention it does a great job of picking up dirt too. I use microfiber cloths for most of my cleaning that doesn’t involve chemical cleaning or disinfecting. Plus these things last for ages! 
  • Magic Erasers: Modern miracle! Clean walls, shoes (saved a couple pairs for me), almost the entire kitchen and bathroom surfaces (especially tubs and showers).
  • Chamois Leather: Excellent for polishing! Use on cars, pearls and especially windows (have a couple of these for different jobs)…anything that needs a shine. After you use it, just rinse it with warm water (do not use detergent on it, otherwise the detergent will strip the oil it is cured with and cause it to go hard). Only use soap (regular soap you shower with) if it gets super dirty, if you do use the soap just lather it, rinse and repeat a second time.  Leave it to dry naturally.
  • Scourers: Great for tough dirt, burnt-on food, and sink cleaning.
  • Disposable Washcloths: I use these German made wash cloths which I get from the dollar store actually, which you use for a few days and toss in the bin. Excellent to have around for cleaning up around the kitchen while you cook or do the dishes. These guys are super durable and cheap! Ideally to use them just run one under the tap, wring it out and use…rinse and repeat until cleaning is done! I use it to wash counters in the kitchen or wipe up anything that spills when I do the dishes. Invest 2 bucks and you get 2/4 of them (they are huge, so I cut ’em in half usually)! What a bargain, right!?

CLOTHS (dry work)

  • Dusters: Don’t use the feather dusters or traditional synthetic ones-especially the colored ones (they bleed color when you wash them)! They only lift the dirt causing it to rise up and all around the air and land on other things, not to mention you breathe all the dusk in which could aggravate allergies and is just simply unhealthy. I always swear by Swiffer products, they trap dust perfectly and last a while. If not you can use any natural lambswool dusters. Make sure you clean your duster frequently though. Wash it with warm water and use only regular soap, rinse well and leave it to dry naturally. *just a note: I use long handed dusters to handle high and awkward places and use microfiber cloths for things I can reach, it makes for a more precise job*
  • Specialized Polishing Cloth: Use silver polishing cloths only on silver to buff up slightly tarnished silverware or jewelry. You can find specialized polishing cloths for almost any metal…I also suggest investing in a stainless steel polishing cloth for cleaning the fridge and other appliances.



  • Swiffer wet jet: Now, I know this isn’t something used by our mothers and grandmothers…but let me tell you these are another modern miracle!  Perfect for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and even hardwood/laminate floors (use dry on hardwood and laminate-or with special liquid to avoid ruining your floors) to pick up dust, spills, and dirt.
  • Old fashioned cotton mop: Cheap and effective. Gets in corners, last a long time, and are good for some serious cleaning. However these can be quite large and difficult to maneuver, there are plenty of mops out there with the same concept just made of lighter material. *Do not use sponge mops, they are impossible to clean meaning you will be spreading germs and dirt all over your floors*.
  • Dish Mop: These are great for cleaning long/large vessels such as vases, beer classes and others of the sort.
  • Toilet Brush: After use, run it under the flush to clean it. Buy cheap ones and replace them often.
  • Scrubbing Brushes: Have a few sizes for different jobs such as small ones for the laundry, bigger ones for floors, and different density…for jobs like silver use softer ones. Just like any other brush, it’s best to use natural fibers over anything synthetic.
  • Broom: A staple, use any broom with natural bristles.


  • Bins/Laundry Baskets: Have a waste bin in every room. Disinfect and wash out the bins every week to avoid mold and germs growing. Have different hampers for laundry of different sorts: work, outerwear, delicates…etc. 
  • Buckets: mop bucket and two more for other uses and it makes it easier to just wash and rinse at the same time.
  • Gloves: Save those hands ladies and gents! Gloves are useful for jobs that are grim and unpleasant for you, jobs involving chemicals and cleaning things that you don’t want to leave finger prints on. Don’t forget to wash your rubber clubs after every use and throw your cotton glove (used for polishing jobs or cleaning silver) in the machine after using.
  • Spray Bottle: Super useful for spraying your cloths, spraying when ironing. Great for anything around the house really that needs to be slightly dampened or for using any house-made cleaners.
  • Vacuum cleaner: You have to know the jobs you need to do before choosing the right vacuum cleaner. But you always talk to the sales representative at the store who will promptly guide you to the right model for you. When using it, use it properly. Use proper attachments for the jobs they are designed to do.
  • Handheld Vacuum: Excellent for cars, small spills and doing the stairs.
  • Carpet cleaner: If you have any carpets in the house, don’t skimp on this item. Carpets get dirty and mucked up really fast!
  • Tooth Brush: Don’t laugh! These little guys are great for odd jobs!


So there y’all have it! The essential cleaning tool-kit. It may seem like a huge list and granted it ain’t a small one! But you only invest once or twice for the majority of these items and they make the jobs do-able and easier.

Good luck with your housework! Remember…all the scary house work can be done in two shakes of a sheep’s tail and can be as easy as sliding off a greasy log backward if you take it step by step and have the correct arsenal 😉