About Me

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I may not come from the bluegrass states but, I am a country girl at heart; I love the old southern traditions and have a strong fascination with the southern lifestyle. I’m all about them sunny days, summer adventures, good friends, good food, and my loving family! Sweet tea on hot afternoons, fried chicken on Sunday’s and of course picnics in July under weeping willow trees. I’m sweet as a Georgia peach and ’bout as fragile as a coal truck ha-ha.

I am a full-time student and a fur momma to my amazing kitty. You can imagine life gets pretty crazy sometimes with the literal spilled milk (on my lecture notes) and flood of endless due dates…so, as all University folk I need a place that is my sanctuary and somewhere I get to unwind. If you all like food, chit-chat about life and southern hospitality then settle right into your seat and welcome to my blog!

Take a look at my personal about me page here: http://about.me/JuneParker/#

My other blog: http://affairwithhappiness.wordpress.com/



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